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Chuck Colson attended the church I was on staff at in Naples, Florida. One afternoon I was walking down the hallway, and Chuck was walking toward me. As we passed each other, he nodded and said hello. I was beside myself, so impressed by this man who had once been Special Counsel to President Nixon. I couldn’t believe that this small town Iowa girl was sharing a hallway with a man who had once been in the company of some of the most powerful people in the world.

I became fascinated with Chuck Colson and wanted to learn more about him. As I researched his life, I learned that his early career in politics was successful but ended in catastrophic failure during Watergate. During the time he was facing imprisonment, he met our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because of this encounter, his life changed forever. He later founded Prison Fellowship, a large outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families, and went on to have a successful career in ministry.

Since encountering Chuck Colson many years ago, I have since grown in my relationship with Christ. I am no longer impressed by titles, power, fame, fortune, or political ties. What impresses me now is Chuck Colson’s example of loving people who are shunned by society, a failed life that Christ rebuilt and gave purpose, and most of all, a life that is wholly devoted to a deep servant love for Christ. Chuck Colson’s life is testimony that in Christ there is always hope.

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